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Nov 9, 2010 12:00pm CST
two gates in chicago o'hare's terminal three. virgin america ceo telling bloomberg news that if it can make progress in the next 60 days we could see virgin america fly into chicago in april. all right, big acquisitions to tell you about from a number of fronts. first chevron spending $3.2 billion in cash today to buy shell gas owner atlas energy with the purchase, chevron gets access to the natural gas rich marcellus shale formation in pennsylvania. and illinois food company sara lee picking up a deal today. sara lee selling its north american bakery business to bimbo, the largest bread maker for $959 million in selling its underperforming bakery business, sara lee says it will focus growth in its coffee and meat businesses. sara lee also reporting lower than expected earning today. lastly, no acquisition deal at yahoo!, yet speculation about it has that stock jumping today. "new york post" reports that kkr and company has now joined list of firms interested in taking yahoo! private or helping finance a transaction. separately reuters reported alley about a about a group was approache
Nov 11, 2010 12:00pm CST
. on this veterans day a somber ceremony held near o'hare airport to remember soldiers buried in a cemetery that may soon be gone. good afternoon, i'm steve sanders. >> i'm dina bair. of we welcome our viewers tuning in around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's julian crews is live outside st. johan cemetery in bensenville with more on our top stories. >> reporter: good afternoon. so much controversy surrounding this cemetery. veterans groups say that there are 21 u.s. service men that are buried here along with 1200 others and the plan to dig up and move the remains elsewhere is a sensitive issue. >> it's unbelievable to think that they would do that. the church and our religious beliefs consider sacred ground. that most of the folks chose to be buried in as their final resting place. >> reporter: multibillion dollar o'hare expansion plan rolls on despite the controversy. controversy over the st. johaninous cemetery which stands in the path of the city's plan's lawyers rementsing relatives of dead hope to stop chicago's takeover leaving graves undisturbed. majority of those participat
Nov 24, 2010 12:00pm CST
>>> it's smooth sailing on o'hare for sol day travelers despite threats of a protest aimed at slowing things down. good afternoon, i'm steve sanders. >> i'm dina bair. we welcome our viewers who are duning in around the country. wgn's nancy loo is live at o'hare airport with more on how things are going smoothly. that's a surprise. >> surprisingly smooth and organizers of the national opt out protest that threatened to have protestors out, signs up. we seen no signs of any of that here at o'hare. and security is moving along so well that passengers who were expecting the worst are finding far faster lines than usual. >> you hardly think it's one of the busiest travel days of the year. the tsa has security points fully staffed at o'hare so lines are moving, flights are on time and a lot of passengers have time to spare. >> i got to the airport earlier just in case it was going to be backed up. >> despite concern over a concern of a national opt out day protest thrsh are no signs of such a protest and most travelers are choosing to opt out of oment out day. >> i think it's ri
Nov 21, 2010 9:00pm CST
is 60. almost 60 at o'hare, but not quite. we do have a chance tomorrow, maybe seeing a 70 or two in the area, but don't get too excited. it may be mixed with rain across the area. we'll talk about that in a mowment. time lapse picture, in lieu of rain, a lot of clouds up there, hazy conditions across a big part of the chicago area. overall, not a bad day if you didn't mind putting up with the wind. it's windy, now gusting 20-30- miles per hour. in fact at this hour, o'hare reported a 35-mile per hour gust. this chart shows a high in chicago of 56 degrees. that's as of 7:00 tonight, the temperature continues to rise and we are up to 59 presently at o'hare, but look at the cold air that is waiting it will take a week to get in here, but probably by friday, the way it looks at the moment, we'll have quite a plunge in temperatures. readings across the area at this hour, everybody universally mild. we'll probably top out in the low 60s before the night is over. as for dew points, fairly high, that's to be expected. plenty of atmospheric moisture, so we are expecking rainshowers, visib
Nov 8, 2010 9:00pm CST
us at this time. we suspect someone two or from o'hare left their briefcase and caused a whole lot of trouble. >> all that for that. julie ann drew reporting from the blue line. >>> new developments tonight in the race for the mayor of chicago as we try to work to keep you up-to-date on who is in and who is out. tom negovan is on it tonight. >> and an uncomplicated task. we're seeing candidates line up with stackspyñ?ñ?ñ of signaturen their hand getting their name on the ballot.:zñ?ñ?ñ and tonight it looked like one section of the city that)yñ?ñ? promised a united front is divided again. >> if he has something to offer, he will. it is our obligation because i think the city of chicago is at a cross road. >> certainly at a cross road in the race for mayor where support is splitting in new ways. wgn, the only local news team at a weekend meeting of african-american leaders that included alderman ed smith and walter burnett, part of a coalition of/ññ?ñ?ñ politicians, clergy, musicians and ex cons. congressman davis is here. davis ultimately therÑñ?ñ?ñ chof the chicago
Nov 19, 2010 12:00pm CST
private security including sanr san francisco, kansas city, rochester and key west. >>> at o'hare airport, some travelers are thinking twice about taking to the skies next week. others are taking the new safety procedures in stride. wgn's nancy loo has more from o'hare and more on the opt-out campaign making its way around the internet. >> reporter: the outrage is growing on the internet but many travelers here in o'hare say they have no issues with the new security measures. the security lines can already be long at times at the big airport. but things could get far worse next wednesday. for national opt-out day. internet organizers are urging people to refuse the full body scans forcing more time consuming enhanced pat downs. the ripple effect could cripple air traffic across the country. but the tsa insipses new measures are necessary and based on carefully gathered intelligence which is why hundreds more full body scanners are being put into airports before the holidays. air travelers are already concerned about the effects of national opt-out day. some choosing to avoid taking any fl
Nov 13, 2010 9:30pm CST
't amount to much. 300ths of an inch of rainfall at o'hare. at this point, we should have had an inch of rainfall, but hasn't happened. the high temperature for the afternoon was 52 degrees; but the official high for the day will be 57. that actually occurred this morning. temperatures have been falling throughout the day. take a look at inn map police there with temperatures in the mid 30s for highs today. very cold air to the north. we'll get another chunk of that later this week. at the moment, it's 40 degrees at o'hare, and it's dry out there. take a look at the at this point temperatures, in the low 30s. it's going to be probably in the low 30s for lows tonight. winds rather blustery out there, and take a look at the wind gusts at this hour. very gusting conditions. and that's producing windchill temperatures about 10 degrees colder than the air temperatures. so if you're headed out tonight, it's colder than you think. this is the ten-day temperature projection. notice that chunk of cold air drifting into the midwest, pulling out and drifting back. that's thursday. daytime highs
Nov 24, 2010 9:00pm CST
that kennedy turned into this evening. it took some motorists more than two hours to get from o'hare to downtown. traffic on chicago area highways for most of the night best described with one simple word. >> slow. slow. >> reporter: yeah. worth saying twice. >> they're a nightmare. bumper to bumper. >> where are you trying to go to? >> ke are accident r ridge. >> and where are you coming from? >> wisconsin. >> reporter: many travelers leaving for a long holiday weekend out of town. some were just trying to get home from work. >> we left an hour from libertyville. we have a good hour and a half ride at least. >> traffic everywhere. it's pretty backed up. seems like it's not getting better. hopefully it will get better. >> reporter: traffic was so bad many big rig drivers gave up for the night. >> it's just jam packed. we were moving 4 mile-an-hour. i run out of time so here i sit. i'll wait until morning sometime and take off then. >> reporter: much better luck on the trains tonight though some amtrak customers experienced minor delays. at the airport business as usual. an estimated
Nov 24, 2010 10:00am EST
to your holiday forecast. kristen dull grn at o'hare and bill karins has your holiday forecast and the latest on those travel delays. let's start with kristen in chicago. one of the busiest airports in the country. how is it looking there so far? >> chris, we heard so much about this opt out day and nobody knew how big it would be. but take a look at the security line behind me. not too long. there has been absolutely no evidence this morning in chicago o'hare that anybody has been making a fuss over going through the tsa body scan machines. i just spoke with someone from the tsa and they said things are running smoothly. they're fully staffed and they were ready for anything and so far, so good here at chicago o'hare. a lot of the passengers that we have been talking to don't seem to have a problem with the extra screening. >> it's just the world we live in. so, i'd rather be safe than sorry. >> i don't mind a little invasion of privacy to get an extra level of safety. >> so, while organizers have been pushing people to opt out of the scanners and instead go for the lengthier
FOX News
Nov 24, 2010 3:00pm EST
people expected to fly during this busy thanksgiving holiday. mike tobin is live with us at o'hare in chicago. doesn't look too bad behind you. how about the boycotts? >> it is not that badment with all the internet chatter, we nef saw anything manifest. if you want to get up to the tsa screeners, you have to get past this point. to get past here you have to buy a ticket and that means you paid money and you have someplace to go. it is one thing to make the commitment to write things on the internet and another to make your stand in therement traffic by o'hare standards on thanksgiving is kind of light, shep. >> looks like it. anything else of note there, mikey? >> there are reports of trouble. mostly it is people threatening the tsa workers and calling them things like pervert. there have been a couple of small incidents of violence. it is nothing major. shep, i am reluctant to tell people they are going to have an easy day traveling. mostly because there are spots of bad weather floating around out there. >> and it gets worse as the day goes on. mighty mike tobin at chicago's o'h
Nov 8, 2010 12:00pm CST
in the last year. so gives you an idea of the magnitude of this problem. at the o'hare oasis, julian crews, wgn news. >>> a "chicago tribune" probe on pollution caused by metro train -- metra trains have prompted a response by senator dick durbin. investigation found that riders are breathing in strikingly high levels of toxic diesel exhaust every day called plaque carbon. considered among the most dangerous forms of air pollution. in light of the report, senator durbin is asking the environmental protection agency to review its past findings on air quality and increase funding to upgrade aging mass transit equipment in u.s. cities. >>> i'm bloomberg's angie lau live at the cme group in chicago. some tasty profit news from mcdonald's. world's largest restaurant train based here in illinois say sales in restaurants opened a year climbed 6.5% last month compared to a year ago and that beat wall street expectations as well. this as more customers coming in to buy those new menu items like frappes and fruit smoothies. meanwhile at google, google helping travelers stay connected this holiday se
Nov 9, 2010 9:00pm CST
. and a beautiful sunset with a plane approaching o'hare field in this shot from joanna. but some people have noted the dust in the air and it's been incredibly dry. since september 25th we've had under an inch of rain. you'll see the dustiness here trapped into what was an inversion layer. the cool shallow dome of air traps dust and pollutants in it. there's not been a drier september 25 to november 9 period in half a century since 1956. so we could use a little rain. but it sure has been nice to enjoy all the sun. 100% of our possible sun today. and look at the highs at buffalo grow, itaska. it's still 51 degrees at o'hare. 57 at midway with a southeast wind. the way this cuts across the water, our north shore communities will suffer a bit of a decline in temperature. areas northward will hold to the low 60s tomorrow. while our south and west suburbs could be in the low and mid-70s. at this hour we're at 62 at highland park and wgn. if you look carefully, you'll see the snow flakes falling here in utah. that is a sign of things to come. look at the snow on the mountains in aspen, colorado. this p
Nov 26, 2010 9:00pm CST
to work with me on that. i want to maintain for the modern o'hare project. >> reporter: but in the new congress with republicans ending the democrat's one party rule, the socially moderate kirk says the gop should avoid internal controversies on issues such as abortion. instead he says republicans should focus on the economy and mounting federal debt. >> i think from the republican party view, we need to focus on issues where we all agree. which is spending discipline and control. and making sure the government doesn't take more from our family budget. >> reporter: kirk said he wants a reagan-era type commission to recommend cuts in government. he also wants a big change in the health care reform law. but kirk says he's under no illusion that he got elected on a mandate. >> as i enter office in the senate it's with all humility. 48% of voters voted for me. 46% voted for my chief opponent. we had a tough election, but voters of illinois made a decision. now my job is to go into the senate and fight for everybody. >> reporter: in the new congress, republicans will control the house while
Nov 23, 2010 5:30pm PST
. in fact, the pace is quickening here at o'hare. the lines are beginning to grow despite the controversy over these airline security issues. a.a.a. says airline flight travel in this holiday season will increase this year. travelers today tried to get out ahead of the expected holiday wave at a number of u.s. airports. >> you've got pent-up travel demand for people who didn't take their trip last year. >> reporter: though air travel is projected to be up 3.5% this time around, few delays were reported over much of the country-- this afternoon at least. >> everything's fully staffed and ready to go and things are going rahter well. >> reporter: the weather was cooperating for those hitting the roads, rails, or runways. but airport officials were bracing for criticism of the enhanced security measures now in place. the vast majority of travelers took in the stride. >> i think people are making a big fuss over nothing really. >> reporter: but others disagreed. >> only... no. my husband can see my body. >> reporter: the t.s.a. says at most only 3% of travelers are getting padded down, roughl
Nov 12, 2010 12:00pm CST
. and 144 is normal. and showers and areas like cannon and lowell and the area and o'hare at 55. and 68 there and 58. and up the field and mchenry. there are the temperatures and north field a system that will lift out of nuclear. and wisconsin parts of minnesota and a cooler day. here you see the clouds lifting north they are the ones that rained on us. and a mix of sun and clouds and rain and storms and west of us. boy, we could use that. and measures great lakes levels down 5 inches. that's michigan and huron. they view that as one lake. and that's not all dry weather. there is a seasonal decline that goes in. and if you tally the water loss that's last month they are mixed with ice pellets. and under the winter storm watch as we'll show you and the 60s we sit right on the demarcation the dividing line between cool air and the warm air that has st. louis at 73 and that's the air. and residents next week. and southern flank and temperatures to the 30s in iowa and. these are temperature drops to the west. let's and the area today. and this arc of clouds this is a system that will spin
Nov 28, 2010 9:00pm CST
percent from last year. at o'hare and midway airports, no major flight delay or cancellations. at least 100 u.s. service member stopped by the, so at o'hare, today and they enjoyed all kinds of food, drinks and snacks, all free of charge. >> the troops are coming back, going out. there are all types of military people coming in. >> this is really nice the uso set this up. i enjoyed this. >> concerns that people would protest over the tsa rules never panned out. >> the national retail federation says about 212 million people visited a store or a website over the black friday weekend. an increase of around nine percent from last year. it also says the average shopper spent $365. up more than six percent. retailers only made a .3% increase on revenue on black friday. >> if you see it and the price is reasonable to you, don't count on it being on sale the week before or the couple of days before christmas. it's one of those see it buy it don't wait. >> tomorrow, officially launches cyber monday, one group shows online spending already rose more than 14% between thanksgiving and yesterday. >
FOX News
Nov 24, 2010 9:00am EST
airports, chicago's o'hare. good morning, it's 8:00 there local time. >> reporter: good morning, bill. the nightmare scenario that was predicted because of this national opt out effort hasn't materialized, certainly not here at o'hare international airport. what we're hearing from the aaa is that's because due to a combination of factors, many travelers are opting this holiday to travel by car. >> this is the greatest percentage of auto versus air travel for any holiday ever, 94 percent of the 42 million people are traveling by auto. >> now, the concerns that we're talking about, as far as the combination of factors that are leading to people going telecar, including everything, concerns over the tsa patdowns and security screenings, but also, the traditional pileup you get at the airport every thanksgiving, and little things like extra baggage fees, bill. bill: mike, you referred to it, there's no massive opt out that you're seeing then, that would suggest that people are using the body scanner? doesn't look like there are a whole 4r09 of folks behind you at chicago's o'hare. >> no,
Nov 24, 2010 7:00am EST
bowers this morning at chicago's o'hare airport with more. cindy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, maggie. i'm glad i'm not traveling. you know the new procedures have spawned their own phrase don't touch my junk you know it is big news and there are concerns. 1.8 million travelers are expected to go through just o'hare over the next five days. the lines look like they are just beginning to fill in. everything is pretty calm, laughing and joking about the process and so far so good. more than 17b.5 million people are expected to take to the air today and nearly 4% increase from last year. but, it's not the numbers that cause concern this time. >> pretty anxious about tlig with all the stuff going on lately. >> reporter: today dubbed opt-out today an online campaign protesting new screening proceedings. >> take your hands and place them above your head like this. >> reporter: the campaign which urges passengers to opt out of body scans and receive the more time consuming patdown was stepped by brian sodergren. >> how much privacy are we willing to give up in the name of security an
Nov 24, 2010 5:00am PST
to grandma' house or taking off for the holiday weekend trip. kristen dahlgren is live from chicago's o'hare international airport. kris, our friends over at the weather channel call o'hare one of the worst airports in the nation for weather delays which of course has a ripple effect everywhere. how are things going so far today. >> reporter: so far so good. it's estimated about 1.8 million americans will be passing through chicago o'hare this week, so as you said if there are delays here, it could cause a ripple throughout the system, even if chicago isn't your final destination, chances are you'll be passing through here if you're traveling. take a look behind me and you can see things moving really smoothly in security. we also haven't seen anybody making a real visible protest to the body scanning machines. of course there's been a loosely organized opt-out day. organizers pushing people to opt out of going through the body scan machines, instead forcing the tsa to do the more invasive patdowns, which does take more time. there was this fear that because it would slow town the system, pe
Nov 24, 2010 2:00pm EST
team coverage for you. kristen dahlgren is at o'hare airport. mike taibbi is at penn state in new york. and tom is in atlanta. and nick walker is tracking the weather for us. we're starting off with kristen. let me ask you first of all, have you seen any signs of protests at o'hare? >> hey, tamron. not at all. this is one of the nation's busiest airports. 1.8 million travelers expected to go through here during this holiday weekend. the tsa hasn't seen any signs of people opting out. take a look. you can see the security line, while it's building, it's been moving pretty quickly here all day. we do have the body scanners going now. it seems like people are going through there. so no real visible signs of this opt-out movement at all. of course, a loosely organized push for passengers to forego the body scan machines and opt for the longer tsa pat-downs. there was some fear that that could snarl up the entire air traffic system. but the passengers we've spoken to so far today don't seem to mind the extra security. >> you know, some things have to happen to make sure that nothing is gett
Nov 28, 2010 11:00am EST
at chicago o'hare's airport. you are certainly glad, my friend that you don't have to be there in washington to see all of that snow. >> reporter: yeahing i can't complain actually. great flying conditions here in chicago. we're in the 30s. but vl olume is the problem acrs expected to pass through o'hare international. the busiest, thanksgiving travel airport in the nation and they're well under way. we've seen lines fluctuate throughout the day today. so far looking okay here. the weather is definitely working in their favor. that goes for the northeast as well. all of the northeastern airports looking like good travel conditions today. you mentioned the west and we're keeping an eye on salt lake city. that is an area that could get one to two feet of snow. not only the airport there but those mountainous passes as people are hitting roadways as well. could be treacherous on that trek back home. richard? >> julie, i must say, o'hare being a busy airport, not seeing a lot of traffic behind you as some might expect on a day like this so far. good to know. thanks a lot. >>> big bucks at box of
FOX News
Nov 24, 2010 11:00am EST
from the perspective of oh o'hare airport, it's something to call for a protest on the internet but it's another to delay your own travel plans. >> you're asking people to submit to a pat-down, which number one is unpleasant, number two takes a longtime, everybody is trying to run to their flights so they can get to thanksgiving on time. >> reporter: a lot of you have probably come through o'hare airport and complained about it. as you look at the line you can see this is actually kind of a light day at o'hare. that could change throughout the day. if there were people opting for the pat-downs instead of going through the regular scan inks that line would be backing out and spilling out into the terminal here. we are getting reports of the tsa workers being harassed. they've been called perverts, they've been threatened, they've been shoved. there is a group of men planning to show up at the airport wearing scottish kilts, the traditional type. jenna: thank you very much. mike to be inch at o'hare today. -p. jon: breaking news as hundreds of thousands of americans take to the air. harr
Nov 24, 2010 4:00am PST
. >> reporter: good morning, lynn. things definitely getting busier here at chicago o'hare, but we see people going through the body scanner images. nobody making a big fuss over it. nobody nows how big this movement may be, but travel experts fears if it causes on it could cause chaos around the country. for many on the way to grandma's this year there's a detour state into the debate. body showing scanners or new pat-downs that leave nothing to the imagination. most of okay with the additional screening. >> just the world we live in. so -- i'd rather be safe than sorry. >> reporter: amongst the movement encouraging passengers to opt out of the scanners today forcing the tsa to do more hands-on pat-downs could jam up the system on one of the busiest days of the year. >> i want to get attention and educate those. >> reporter: but for the government that has agreed to do fewer random pat-down, the point remains from the shoot bomber to the alleged underwear bomber and recent attempt to bomb an air cargo, planes are still a target. they say a protest will ultimately punish passengers. >> my con
Nov 24, 2010 5:30pm PST
from chicago's o'hare airport. now to the airport body scans and pat-downs. mark strassmann in atlanta has the story of the holiday protests that weren't. >> can i give you information on what's happening inside? >> reporter: outside atlanta's airport, protesters urged passengers to slow this holiday travel day to a crawl. >> we're asking that people do opt out of the scanner. >> reporter: opt out of full-body scanners which average 20 seconds per passenger for pat-downs, like these today in los angeles and chicago, which average two minutes. the goal: clog security lanes at almost 70 airports. >> as long as i can make my flight, i'll do it. >> reporter: at new york's laguardia, one protester went through security in his underwear. there was another colorful protest in phoenix. but the vast majority of passengers decided to opt out of the protest, some even thanked t.s.a. agents. >> they can screen me up one side and down the other. i've not nothing to hide. i don't care. i'd rather i be safe on the plane. >> reporter: by mid-afternoon in st. louis, only seven people had opted out. 47,
Nov 24, 2010 5:00am EST
? >> reporter: good morning, lynn. it's estimated 1.8 million travellers will make their way through chicago o'hare this week and travel experts say if this opt-out movement catches on today it could cause chaos across the country. for many on the way to grandma's this year is a detour, attract through the debate. body showing scanners or pat downs that leave nothing to the imagination. most are okay with the additional screening. >> the world we live in, so i rather be safe than sorry. >> reporter: but a loosely organized movement encouraging passengers to opt-out of the scanners forcing the tsa to do more pat downs could jam up the system. >> i want to get attention and to educate folks. >> reporter: for the government that has agreed to do fewer random pat downs the point remains from the shoe bomber to the alleged underwear bomber and recent attempts to hide bombs in air cargo planes are still a target. a protest will punish passengers. >> my concern is these people who opt-out will cause other people who want to get home to miss they're flights. >> reporter: home for the holidays for many amer
Nov 24, 2010 4:30am EST
.8 million passengers will pass through o'hare this week. nobody knows how big this opt out movement will be. but travel experts say if it catches on, it could cause chaos for many across the country. for many on the way to grandma's, it's a debate, body showing scanners or pat-downs that leave nothing to the imagination. polls show most are okay with the additional screening. >> it's just the world we live in. i'd rather by safe than sorry. >> reporter: but a movement urging passengers to opt out of the scanners today could jam up the system on one of the busiest days of the year. >> i wanted to get attention and to educate folks. but for the government, who has agreed to do fewer pat-downs said recent attempts to hide bomb necessary air cargo planes are still a target. they say a protest will ultimately punish passengers. >> my concern is that these people who opt out will cause other people who just want to get home to miss their flight. >> reporter: for 42.2 million americans, home for the holidays means hitting the road this year, up 11.4%. but while drivers may avoid getting up close a
Nov 22, 2010 6:00pm EST
're not expecting thunderstorms or any of the severe weather and if you know anyone heading to o'hare or milwaukee, there are delays. a few clouds for us and we want to start with you the weather headlines and tomorrow is warmer than today was, upper 60s and some of you will touch 70 and that could be a bit of a shower left over and that is not going to be a big deal when it comes through here. wednesday for travelling, good for the east coast. we're excited about that. far northwest and the midwest, a couple of issues and looking good for travel and we're trending colder, in particular after thanksgiving when another strong front comes through thanksgiving night and drops temperatures into the low 50s. this is your planner and certainly the big three days. wednesday, 52 degrees and a lot of sunshine. for thanksgiving, that is a little bit of a challenge temperaturewise and that could be warmer than this, believe it or not and that is good news wrapped with good news and there are a few showers on thanksgiving day. a front is coming through and for black friday, that is another important day and 5
Nov 21, 2010 6:00pm EST
, where we had troubles today, chicago o'hare has reported the most lengthy and frequent delays. ground delays today right now still just under two hours. that's getting into o'hare because of the low clouds, departure delays increasing 45 minutes at teterboro. san francisco, you've been holding okay all day, but now we're getting in other departures delays, 30 minutes as we deal with those wet conditions across parts of the west. can you see the radar picture showing you the rain in the valleys and then the snow into the higher elevations. all right, let's forward this and advance this and show you what we can expect as we head back into tomorrow. we'll advance this and show you the forecast. whether you're heading to work or traveling for tomorrow, more rain and snow in the west. we'll watch for delays in the nation's midsection and expect to see airport delays again in chicago tomorrow. detroit, st. louis, seattle, portland, salt lake city and san francisco we think will be amongst the worst and we'll watch this system make its way towards the east. as we head into that wednesday, th
Nov 2, 2010 12:00pm CDT
wind blowing and not a cloud in the sky, it's 50 at o'hare. 40 at midway. 51 at burr ridge. and hickory hills it's 51 degrees. with dew points indicating we have another cool night tonight. though we that i scattering of clouds started by morning. then clouds will pick up during the day tomorrow because there is a cold front imbedded within this cloud area to the northwest and this is the beginning of a big upper air realignment that we will talk about in a second. going to dump the coolest air since april into our area thursday and friday. it will stay cool into saturday morning and then will bounce back very quickly. could be back in the low 60s again by sunday. rains to the south and to the north and west of us here in the country. and this shows up on our two day forecast. big rains from thunderstorms down near the mouth of the mississippi. back into northern texas and some lighter rains and mixed snow showers up to the north of us. but we said high and dry and it's an amazingly dry period around here. we have the third sunniest october on record. the warmest in 39 years on the chic
Nov 10, 2010 12:00pm CST
temperatures coming in at 67 at o'hare but mid-70s inland. low 60s at the lakeshore line. tonight increasing cloudiness. hazy and mild. low 48. southeast of south, southwest winds 7 to 18 with gusts. and tomorrow a cloudy day. still, we will manage the warmest veterans day in 46 years around here. it was 74 degrees on veterans day in 1964. that's the last time we were warmer. tomorrow will hit 64. and may hit 70 in some spots away from the water. and then on friday, mostly cloudy. winds will blow off the lake over the northern half of the chicago area. that cools things down. leads to a big north-south temperature spread and we think o'hare will hit 65 but we may hold to the upper 50s north lakeshore and get up to 70 in the southern suburbs. the weekend, that's when it starts to cool down and steve and allison will talk more about that and we are headed out of here down to radio. the showcase studio and we will do the 5:00 show with gary meyer on his radio show. >> that should be fun. >> yeah. i hope you join us. gary is giving away key lime pies and that stuff so he said, weather guy, come
Nov 15, 2010 12:00pm CST
's going green and o'hare is leading the pack. the mayor called chicago one of the greenest cities in the world with one of the prettiest airports on the planet. he announced that the faa will fund the design of the new south traffic air traffic control tower at the airport and the emphasis will be on the environment and serving passengers. 800million has been allocated for the project for newer longer runways to accommodate the airport ever the future. officials were eager to showcase some of the new environmentally friendly additions that will be a part of the new airport facility. that will cover the walls of the spaces in the building and keeping those areas filled with oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. the color will add to the terminals and keeping people calm in their hectic surroundings. >> it is inviting here. it will be a vertical guidance system, and it can stay outside and keep green throughout cold winters and inside as well. >> we have 7 million square feet of roofs in the city of chicago. there is more than any other city. we have more green roofs. it
Nov 15, 2010 9:00pm CST
:00. >> o'hare airport modernization gets a boost for a new air traffic control tower. it will be the third tower in operation at the world's busiest airport and will be funded by the federal government. the facility will service the south side of the field. it's part of a $15 million modernization program. the new south runway is expected to be open in 2015, although there remains a funding shortfall of a few billion dollars despite today's announcement. >>> people starting to prepare to travel for the thanksgiving holiday. federal government warning people to be aware of terrorism and other threats. tsa is announcing today it's expanding the if you see something say something program, and it's affecting the hotel industry. >>> as people head to the airports for thanksgiving, they'll have to deal with more aggressive screening. tsa may search them with their hands. one traveler had some choice words for the tsa agent conducting his pat-down in california. >> you can do that out here but if you touch my junk i'm going to have you arrested. >> well, john tiner previously refused the full bod
Nov 18, 2010 12:00pm CST
and schaumburg. 2:30 at romeoville and lowell, indiana. and only in the 30s and 40s right now. 38 for us at o'hare field. where the normal high this time of year you figure is around 46 degrees. so it won't be terribly below normal but we haven't had many below normal days. months running almost 4 degrees above normal and feels chilly 39 at midway. 39 at blue island and 38 at this hour at burr ridge. and here are some of the winds now just enough wind to add to the chill in south elgin, gary, lake geneva and munster across the area and a lot of the temperatures and one more camera shot of what is going on. these are wind gusts and there is the view from frazier magnet school here in town. look how extense of the clouds are. and again we got a locke of cool air in the south edge of which has pushed into the chicago area. so breaking these things up is going to be hard. we can figure we can carry a fair a cloud cover but see the clouds streaming across the mountains. that is a big windy storm that already is going to work on this cool air mass in the western plains and warming things up. look at the
Nov 23, 2010 9:00pm CST
. freeport at 24. elk grove village at 22. we have a bit of a windchill. it's 28 already at o'hare where the low may bottom out between 21 and 23. 27 at kankakee. there they are in map forms. the temperatures at the moment. look at the snowstorm out to the west. this is where winter is. it's been really something. salt lake city tonight. and this is a camera from salt lake. under a blizzard warning as snow is coming down on howling winds. windchills under 33 below zero here. our temperatures don't look near as cold compared to that. the cold here has settled down over the snow pack which running something like this. north of that area all the way up to the arctic circle, there's snow on the ground. contrasting with warm air, there were 70s and 80s on the gulf coast today. the result are these succession of storms. one of which is coming into the midwest. the second, this weekend and has 23 states under weather advisories. we think the low will settle south and track along this thermal contrast zone while another center moves to the north. it means that the big snows that occur in the upp
Nov 30, 2010 12:00pm CST
at 48 degrees at 3:00 in the morning. it's down to 31 at o'hare and the temps keep falling as arctic air invades the area and it's doing so on howling winds. look at these gusts in the city, at naperville, geneva and university park with the temperature down to 30 now. winds sustained at 20 gusting to 31 at o'hare. so we were in full-blown winter mode after having flirted with 50 degrees in parts of the area. late yesterday and last night. 32 at midway. 36 is the reading with the 17- mile-per-hour wind and 14-mile- per-hour gusting wind from the west, southwest at gary and there you see the temperatures in map form and wanted to show you the rainfall, too. we have the second biggest rains since late september in autumn that had not produced much rain. it was the sunniest autumn in 11 years around here according to -- in .8 of an inch in hebron. you folks in kenosha 73 -- .73 of an inch and sandwich had .7 of an inch of rain. windchills down in the teens through most of our western suburbs and not far above that in the city. that's the view from sandwich but going west of the storm to see
FOX News
Nov 22, 2010 6:00am EST
. >> that's the quote of the day. sorry. >> anita is live right now at chicago's o'hare international airport with a preview of coming attractions. good morning to you. >> well, i'll tell you what, you might want to think about gassing up that car or leaving the gas card open on the credit card, some people might drive instead of having to deal with that. here at o'hare earlier this morning, people are obviously thinking about this. we've been talking to people over the weekend, too, as well about this and it seems that people are worried about what is to come on wednesday. but, you know, the people that we spoke with, they tell us that they're ok with all of this and they will not participate in this national opt out day. >> i want to be safe. i don't care about the x-ray machine. so yeah, doesn't bother me a bit. i haven't been through one yet but i'm not watching them looking at me. i don't care. >> people shouldn't do that because it's for our safety that they are doing that. >> don't complain and, you know, just be, what i would suggest is if people can drive, i would tell the
Nov 21, 2010 5:00pm EST
? chicago o'hare, it's not a terrible day, it's a little dreary. we've got low clouds, and that's causing ground delays of just under two hours. and that's arriving into chicago. so if you're trying to get out of dodge, you're doing okay. teterboro, we've got some departure delays, and that's on the increase. cnn is your holiday headquarters. we want to look at some i-reports. this is my favorite thing of the day. wild turkeys. this is from our i-report, chris dell, he's from winnipeg, canada, and he tells us that he took these pictures outside of his kitchen window. he says it's kind of weird to have two turkeys there, because he lives in the suburbs. this wasn't out in the country. i don't know what you think, but i'm thinking, maybe they escaped america for a good reason, because we have a little holiday coming up very soon. >> that's right! good timing. they knew what they were doing. >> so end us your i-reports, we want to hear your travel stories too. how are things going on the roadways as well as the airways for us. >> hopefully smooth. >> so send us those, and t
Nov 24, 2010 3:00pm EST
tran in atlanta. let's start with kristen dahlgren from o'hare airport. kristen? >> hey there, cenk. things looking good here so far. 1.8 million travelers expected to go through chicago's o'hare this week. what happens here does affect the rest of the system and the tsa reporting no major protests, no major slowdowns. the fear was that a lot of people would opt out of the body scanning machines and force the tsa to do the longer patdowns and that would slow down the system and cause delays. you can see the security lines, not too bad. they've been moving pretty quickly through here all day. so we haven't seen any of those protests. most of the passengers we've talked to really don't mind the extra security. take a listen. >> it's been easier than i expected this morning. the traffic on the highway was not that bad. everybody was really nice at check-in. >> it doesn't look as packed as i figured it would be. i'm okay so far. >> and that's what the tsa is reporting around the country. they say from honolulu all the way to the east coast, they're not seeing any major delays. there hav
Nov 28, 2010 8:00am EST
is at chicago's o'hare airport because she likes to be in the middle of things, right, julie? >> reporter: absolutely. 25 degrees, beautiful conditions here in chicago this morning. it feels like about 18 out here, richard. a lot of holiday travelers bundled up making their way home for their thanksgiving dinners. o'hare was named the busiest airport. today they expect more than 200,000 to pass through. good news is the weather here in chicago will be clear and sunny today and basically every major city east of the mississippi is experiencing good travel conditions as well. i want to take you out west, because that's where the real trouble will be. we're keeping a careful eye on salt lake city. it could be hit with one to two feet of snow today. not just the airport but mountain passes as well could be treacherous if our traveling. we're watching the west, richard. here in the midwest looking good to far today. >> so long as it's not like that old movie we remember, "planes, trains and automobiles." it does not lik holiday. >>> giving thanks to the u.s. taxpayer for the big bailout, but i
Nov 28, 2010 9:00am EST
for travelers heading home. >> as of wednesday when i was out here, really not any major problems at o'hare, nothing with the tsa security screenings, nothing else to report. weatherwise we're looking good in chicago today. we're on the cold side, we're in the 20s, but as far as conditions are concerned, we're going to see lots of sunshine here in the midwest and those conditions are going to be extending through new york as well. none of those armts affected but we're looking for trouble in the midwest. keeping a careful eye on salt lake city, utah. salt lake could get one two feet of snow. the airport and roadways and some of those mountain passes, richard, could be dangerous for that travel trip back home. >> be careful on the way to grandma's house and on the way home as well. thank you, julie martin, there at chicago's o'hare airport keeping warm. >>> the week ahead could prove pivotal in the debate over whether openly gay people can serve in the military. find out why when "msnbc sunday" comes back. hey boss! do we have aflac? nah. we have something else. but if you're hurt and miss w
Nov 23, 2010 12:00pm CST
. with 32 right now at o'hare and a 36 high predicted. 33 at midway airport. 31 at hinsdale and here are the temperatures across the metro area. with some of the lows here. look at the lows this morning in monroe, is with wirs, kenosha, algonquin and windfield. chilly and the same thing tonight. the winds will turn off the lake and will start warming us up. the view from buffalo grove and here is where winter is. livingten, montana. look at the snows coming down there. where the latest snowstorm and storm system to come into that region of the country. that's going to tug more cold air down on us over the weekend and later this week. but for thanksgiving it could mean some rain. it could start as a rain/sleet mixture tomorrow or tomorrow night. at this hour it's 13 below at cut back, montana and great falls. look at the windchills. 30 to 40 below zero is what it feels like and here are the temperatures in the dakotas. this stuff just sits there. that cold air waiting to pounce on us and we have one little lobe of it today. see all of the bare ground it's traveling over. this is snow
Nov 29, 2010 9:00pm CST
in just a little bit. see the cooling near the water off the lakes. it's 46 at o'hare. that's normal than the normal high of this time of year, 47 at midway, 57, gary, the low 50s, and there it is, a map of a very mild almost october-like november evening here, and look at the rains that have come down. they've been really pouring down in places. over 2/3 of an inch here, and there you see the wind chills around the area, not much when you consider the winds blowing as strong as they are. that's the view at samwitch as the rains came in. look at the snow on the back side of this system. it's stacked up to about 5 inches in parts of minnesota, and here's redwood falls covered by snow in minnesota. it's the snow showers in this weather system that may affect us. this is not the only storm this week. see this big ark of clouds right here, there's energy off the west coast, and particularly the european models, as well as the navy and canadian model, they take energy from this speed, drive it across the country and bring it into the area friday night and saturday for what could be the first s
Nov 24, 2010 4:30am PST
dahlgren reports from chicago's o'hare, one of the nation's busiest. >> reporter: for many on the way to grandma's this year is a detour, straight to the debate. body showing canners or new patdowns that leave nothing to the imagination. most are okay with the additional screening. >> it's just the world we live in. i'd rather be safe that sorry. >> reporter: but a loosely organized movement encouraging passengers to opt out of the scanners today, forcing the tsa to do more hands-on patdowns could jam up the system on one of the busiest days of the year. >> i want it to get attention and educate folks. >> reporter: but for the government that has agreed to do fewer random patdowns, the point remains from the shoe bomber to the alleged underwear bomber and recent attempts to hide bombs in air cargo, planes are still a target. >> my concern is that these people who opt out will cause other people who just want to get home to miss their flight. >> reporter: for 42.2 million americans, home for the holidays means hitting the road this year. that's up 11.4%. while drivers may avoid getting
Nov 28, 2010 3:30pm PST
american airports there were surprises that lasted deep into sunday. a chicago super busy o'hare airport, for example, and here at laguardia with an estimated holiday travels, arrival boards will fimed with flights on time or early. no measurable delays. >> it's been great. we up haven't had any problems although all. >> a breeze. >> reporter: tsa security up lines were short and fast-moving and nobody was complaining about the full body scanners or enhanced patdowns that are the options at many airports for secondary screening. >> i think they make everybody safer. i'm not bothered by them at all. >> reporter: since threatened mass protests failed to materialize at all, anxious travelers never encountered the headaches so many thought were inevitable. >> i think overall that the situation was a little bit overblown. >> we were traveling with three children, which has been pleasantly surprisingly easy. >> reporter: with many overbooked flights later in the day, only minor delays of 15 to 30 minutes have been reported at a handful of airports across the country. natalie. >> thank you. >>>
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